“A novel bursting with big ideas and cutting-edge science!”

“Herzog challenges our understanding of physics, religion and God.”

“Extravagant and entertaining!”

“Made me question myself and the world around me. This is a great book!”

“It had me on the edge of my seat!”

Good backstory on characters and motivations
“This is a really modern science fiction book, based in cutting-edge reality of current physics and mathematics. But don’t worry — you just need to follow the characters’ conclusions to understand the problems they are facing. The writing is lovely, with many sparkling turns of phrase, some places infused with rap, others with Joyce. Good backstory on characters and motivations. The parts that happen in the “danger zones” are especially good, and the Grand Canyon scenes are great.” — Tobi LeBec,

A wonderful reflection about the nature of human perception
“A wonderful reflection about the nature of human perception, human reality and its mysterious origins. A Philosophical discussion of Mind as the Source of experiential phenomena, its dimensions and its infinite expressions between light and not-light. Captivating and engaging!!” — Amazon Customer

speaking power to truth
“Unputdownable. In the language of today, voicing universal concerns, and telling a suspenseful story about the only thing that counts — the possible end of the world. Why wouldn’t you take this on?” — Vera Loquor,

“An interesting premise that might just put this book on the top of your reading list…reading it made me actually question myself and the world around me…This is a great book and I think science fiction readers will enjoy it. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.” — Comfy Reading

A smartly-crafted debut novel
“A novel bursting with big ideas and cutting-edge science, A World Between also features a page-turning plot and vivid characters. A smartly-crafted debut novel, and one that’s well worth checking out, especially for those whose taste in science fiction runs to the here and now.” — Rich Rubin,

A Fresh New Genre
“Great read. I couldn’t put it down. With a unique writing style, Herzog challenges our understanding of physics, religion and God. If you enjoyed A Brief History of Time, The Da Vinci Code and Altered States, you should jump on A World Between.” — Mark Lieberman,

A great read!
“The book is written in the style that first fired my enthusiasm for science fiction – real people grappling with ideas on the
cutting edge of science to save the world. And it is all spiced with insightful commentary on interpersonal relationships. A classic science fiction adventure.” — John Stevason,

This is a novel that entertains, engages and informs …
This is a novel that entertains, engages and informs. A World Between challenges perceptions as only fact-based science fiction can. Robert Herzog has given us a strong read with sentences that propel readers forward to interpersonal relationships that underscore the human element in this quantum adventure.” — Dan Werner,

A mix of greatness lies in wait for the reader to discover in the pages of this super read. I enjoyed spending time with it because of the way it took my imagination to a new place and at the same time combines so many great powers are at work. This is going to be great for older readers and will take them on a mind bending fun ride.” — Cassandra McCann,

This is a very exciting story from Robert Herzog. It had me on the edge of my seat, quickly turning pages to get to the conclusion of the story. The plot had unexpected twists and turns and the characters were multidimensional and engaging. The only drawback for me was that I was lost in some of the explanations about the occurrences that were taking place in the world. At places, I could follow the gist of the story but was confused about what was physically happening. The author is a former physics major and his writing reflects this. I would and have recommended this book to family and friends. It is fast moving and unique. Because of the technical explanations used in the story, it should be read by adult readers.” — Book Bug